RAWRWAR Tells Us ‘The Pavement Is Dry”


There has been a strong movement in the underground music scene to create truly original DIY music. There is no longer the need for huge studio productions. The home studio tools available today have created amazing music from the smallest of bedrooms. Our recent discovery RAWRWAR has been a force in this scene and is ready to explode with the help of Toxic Records.


The singer-songwriter from Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada is also known by his given name Dan Brisbin. Although entrenched in the rugged Alberta Alternative Rock scene, RAWRWAR has broken the mold to launch his own style. It is raw yet beautiful with poetic vocals accompanied by acoustic and electronic sounds.


Songwriting comes naturally to RAWRWAR and he is quite prolific. There has been a steady stream of EP releases on his BANDCAMP page since 2014. The focus has been on creating music without constantly promoting himself. He lets the fans find him. Now with Toxic Record Shop in his corner, he is ready for greater reach and his music being distributed everywhere.


New Album Released Today By RAWRWAR


Today, December 29th, 2017, is the official launch date for his latest record The Pavement Is Dry. The 8 track album is exactly what the world needs in this time of chaos in society and pop culture in general.


The opener “Sweet Medusa” sets the stage with its mellow sonic tones hiding behind the esoteric wordplay of RAWRWAR. His way with words is intoxicating as he draws you deep into the song with his raw vocal style. The under 2 and a half minute “Stay Calm” is a deliberately false title as the energy is turned up here. The speed picks up as acoustic guitar chugs along pounding with each strum. Some interesting synth sounds are added to really throw the listener for a loop. The song does go out in a more mellow tone allowing calmness to return.


We are given a raw emotional journey with “Sunflowers.” The emotions of the artist are out there for all to see. Comparisons to the classic sounds of Dashboard Confessional come to mind. The passion RAWRWAR has for music is very evident.



There is a more spacy vibe on “Seasonal Sickness.” Some atmospheric sounds creep along to create a full sonic tapestry for the vocals of Brisban to sit on top of ever so elegantly. This one will fill your speakers full of sound and emotion. As the record closes with “Talking To God” we continue the expansive sound. The production covers each piece of the sonic spectrum while still keeping the tone raw and minimal. This is music that the listener can really let into their own mind. And RAWRWAR is allowing space for a direct peek into his most intimate feelings. A true musical connection is created.


Keep an eye on RAWRWAR on his Twitter (@RAWRWAR) and get a listen to more music on his SPOTIFY page. Also, follow Toxic Record Shop for more great music coming soon.

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