It is true in every type of media, Repetition = Recognition,  just look at commercials.  Seeing or hearing something one time really won’t help it sink into a persons consciousness.  But seeing or hearing something repeated over and over will work its way into the human mind and deliver the desired effect.  Recognition.

Now lets apply this to our music marketing.  Seeing the same band name, hearing the same song, and seeing the same logo will make an impression and people WILL remember your name.  That is the start of getting your band known and popular.  This can be done very easily and at next to no cost.

Get the crowd you deserve

Get the crowd you deserve

First off, play shows often.  Not in the same spot 4 times a month, but get out there in the surrounding towns.  Get you band’s name on different venue marquees.  Now list all your shows in every media you can.  Get the show listed in the local newspapers.  The venues will help with this too if they run ads.  Post the show on every website you can find with show listings.  Put flyers (with your band name in big letters) everywhere that you can.  Bombard the viewers sense of sight.

Another great way to get your band name in front of people is with stickers.  A simple sticker with the name and logo of your band extra large is ideal.  They are cheap and can be placed in all kinds of locations.  Some of my favorite spots are in venue bathrooms, stop signs or traffic lights on busy roads, even outside on the street in heavily traffic areas.  People seek out stimulus when they are in a stagnant position, such as stopped at a red light or using a toilet.

Even more importantly, always talk about your Band.  Don’t just mention that you are in a band, but say I am the singer/guitarist/bongo player for Band X.  When a person hears the name it will work its way into their memory through another sense. Hearing as well as sight. 

The brain works in mysterious ways but when a band name is repeated over and over to someone it will eventually stick.  Even if the future fan doesn’t know how they know your band’s name, they now know it.  Now the next time they see that you are playing a show they will think you are even more famous then you are because they have heard that name somewhere before.  True music fans hate missing out on the next big thing so they will get to your shows, buy your CDs, and talk about how they knew you before anyone else.  All this because they have seen and heard you band’s name so many times that they feel that they know you.

Try it and you will see the results quicker than you think.

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