One of the great things about the openness of the world today is that a musical style once popular in only one small part of the earth now has the exposure to develop in other areas.  The internet has given us the ability to hear the nuances of music from each corner of the earth and take pieces of each to introduce new styles.  A good example of this is our latest find, Richard Murray.

Richard Murray

The Irish-born, and now UK based singer-songwriter has taken some of the best pieces of American music and made them his own.  After years of building up his talents and influences as a session musician and backup band member to countless artists, Richard Murray is now venturing out on his own.  His personal style is a blend of southern country, Americana, and bluesy rock and roll.  With a gruff yet soulful voice, Richard tells stories through his songs about everything from drinking to memories to forgiveness.

The road has been long but Richard did release his debut album Desert Wind a few years back.  The album did gain him some critical recognition in the UK earning him success in the UK Songwriting Competition and Indie Music Awards.  The opener ‘Forgive Me Sera’ is a peppy number that opens up the singers life for the world to hear.  The story sounds very personal and the listener becomes a close friend as he is let into this world.  ‘The Wind And The Rain’ is a perfect little song that creates the feeling of sitting around a campfire while Richard gently strums his guitar and sings just for you.  On the touching ‘Wandering Infidel, Richard Murray shows off his gentle guitar skills in an Americana based tune with a great storytelling aspect.  He introduces a new twist on the elegantly guitar picked tune ‘1931’.  This is a man that has become one with his guitar and can get anything he wants out of it.  I suggest you get a listen to this album in advance of the release of Richard’s upcoming album Borealis.

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