Having good music will always be the first thing a band needs to build a following.  A close second though is an entertaining and lively stage show.  When a band is having fun up there, the energy exudes into the crowd and wins over fans by bunch.  From what I have heard from Grown Up Avenger Stuff I am greatly looking forward to catching their live show sooner rather than later.

Grown Up Avenger Stuff

The indie rock powerhouse from North Carolina formed with a bang in 2009 and has not let up for a second since.  Grown Up Avenger Stuff (GUAS) has become a fixture on the Carolinas music festival circuit as well as recently venturing into Canada for a few fests.  The four band members, Deirdre Kroener: Vocals, Tyler Thomsen: Percussion, Hunter Thomsen: Bass, and John Thomsen: Guitar each bring an element of excitement to the group combining to form dynamo of raw energy.  The music is intense but also remains quirky and fun.

Last month the GUAS released their latest album Sparkleton.  The 7 track record touches on the energy of their live shows but also slows down at times to show that this band is not a one-trick pony but can really get the most from their instruments.  On the opener ‘Some Of Us’ the band members seem to take turns showing off their skills.  The obvious standout of the band is the vocal power of lead singer Deirdre.  She is able to get you amped up and calmed down within a matter of moments with her style. ‘The Beat’ with its machine gun burst vocal style gets the blood pumping before the band brings it back down to a mellow growl while Deirdre’s sultry voice relaxes the listener’s soul.  The lead single is the up and down ‘The Man’, another song that follows the soft, hard, soft songwriting style made so popular in 1990’s grunge.  These songs hit you hard and will leave a lasting impression long after the CD has ended.  You can go take a listen to Sparkleton for yourself at: http://grownupavengerstuff.bandcamp.com/album/sparkleton

Find more Grown Up Avenger Stuff at: http://grownupavengerstuff.com/

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