The goal of creating an album of your personal songs is so much closer nowadays with all the great tools and collaboration potential out there right now.  Many artists collaborate with other musicians without ever having to meet face to face.  This has created the opportunity for so many great songs to enter the world in the listenable form instead of just remaining a thought in a potential musicians head.  Today we were introduced to an artist that finally made the time to make the necessary connections to get his music out into the world.  Thank the power of the internet for letting us hear Richard Tyler Epperson.

Richard Tyler Epperson

Most of us can relate to life getting in the way sometimes.  Richard could no longer let this be an excuse.  He told himself he was going to get an album done and found a few minutes of free time every chance he could get between work and everyday life to work on his goal.  He recorded the full record in his basement playing guitar, bass, piano/keyboards, and electric percussion in addition to singing.  When he lacked proper drum tracks he went to the internet to find Phil Robertson at to lay down the drums after he sent him a file of his electric kit noodlings.  When he needed a proper mix he searched again and found Peter Carter of to take his mish mosh of tracks and turn them into the best sound recordings possible.  It did not matter that Richard Tyler Epperson is in Utah and Phil Carter is in the UK.  This is true technological power.

The result is Falling Between The Stars, a 13 track album showing off a true talent for songwriting.  From the opening song ‘At Your Door’ Richard features an interesting spacey keyboard riff and a beautifully mellow singing voice.   He claims to be an acoustic artist at heart but these subtle electronic touches add a layer of warmth to his songs.  on ‘Don’t Tell’ he ventures more into the alternative rock genre with a full complement of sound and shows off the depth of his vocal talent.  My personal favorite track has to be ‘Stars’.  It is a mellow yet spooky track featuring deeply reverbed vocals that create a feel of coziness while at the same time sounding so far away.  There are flashes of old Coldplay here.

Bottom Line: Richard Tyler Epperson has created a masterful self portrait with the album Falling Between The Stars.  He brings the listener in close and shares his deepest feelings in song.
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