True fans of music today want more than just a song.  Fans want to feel a connection to the artist that they like.  The advent of social media and Web 2.0 has made is a necessity for up and coming musicians to feed the fans what they want.  An artist that has made strides with this is our latest find Rippa.

The sound of Rippa is a high energy mix of hip hop and dance club beats.  His lyrics seem to get the party moving along as they attract listeners.  He has made the connection with his ever growing fan count by staying active on social media and showing his everyday life with his v-log.  It must be working as his last youtube video for “Drinks Up” has already had over 126,000 views.

Some heavyweights have been brought in to collaborate with Rippa in the name of Pro Logic, T-Minus, and Beat Merchant.  The new album “Move Ya Feet” is sure to get some attention.  The second single “Everybody Get Up” is making the rounds now.

Enjoy the video below:

Keep up with the rising star at:


Twitter: @followrippa

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