Musicians come up with ideas all the time not just for particular songs but for whole methods of writing music and what they want to create and share with the world.  Having a challenge can stir the inspiration of an artist to push forward and create their greatest and most original work.  When they can have fun and enjoy it at the same time that passes onto the music and is felt by every listener.  Our latest find The Alpine Camp has really caught our attention with their plans.

The Los Angeles based band formed with the challenge of creating energetic rock music using only roots instruments.  There would be no studio tricks or gadgetry to turn the music into an over-processed abomination.  The idea of songwriters Chris Bell and Charles Etienne turned into an obsession from the first time they started putting the music to tape.  Other well travelled musicians joined in the goal and provided an array of experience that has added to the impressive output of The Alpine Camp.

Now the group has started releasing their music to the rest of the world with their first EP.  The record shows the true meaning of what can come together with a dream and some hard work.  The opener “Parents” is a mellow but super intriguing track that sucks this listener into the story line by line.  The somewhat dry vocal tone mixed along with the usually bluegrass sounding instruments sets the tone for something different.  “400 Dollar Millionaire” grabs you right from the start with its energetic beat that fills the room with sound.  There is a lot going on here.  The last song “Noose” is a more minimalistic song that builds along the way.  The lyrics are heartwarming and inviting.  There are different parts to focus on with each listen.  Definitely get a listen for yourself and keep up with the band at:

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