Sometime we here at Indie Band Guru like to search the world to add to the diverse collection of music we listen to. Luckily with the use of the internet we can now experience sounds from all corners of the world that we may have never found before. Today’s search turned up something quite interesting in JoeHero & Nina.

JoeHero & Nina

The African-European duo is the offshoot of the Gambian reggae band, The Roots Bongo Band. I did have to do a little research to discover where Gambia actually is. It turns out it is the smallest country in mainland Africa that I may have never even heard of if it wasn’t for the music originating from there. JoeHero & Nina bring a unique combination of world music with African rhythms and reggae mixed in. They have names it Roots Pop Reggae. JoeHero is a self taught musician that grew up in The Gambia. Nina Beste is originally from Germany but moved to London to get a degree in Commercial Music. Together they create quite a force.

Recently the duo released their debut album Voice To Follow. There are 10 new original tracks by JoeHero & Nina as well as 9 bonus tracks by the Leaders Of Tomorrow live band. The opener “Chanting” is a great introduction to the sound with its rhythmic beat accompanied by the back and forth vocals of the duo. The voices are so different but somehow mesh together very well. The group slows it down on “World Of Doubt” pushed forward by soft and energetic female voice with a mellow soundscape in the background. The title track “Voice To Follow” has a peppy beat that gets your toes tapping and then switches up the beat to keep the listener guessing. The full album makes for a full interesting listen. Keep up with JoeHero & Nina at:





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