With the short attention span society that we live in today the old standard of releasing an album every 18 months or so is becoming a thing of the past.  More and more artists are catering to what the new fans want and putting out singles and videos as quickly as they can make them.  The key is to not skimp on professionalism and production and always be releasing quality product.  One of our favorites has taken this model to heart and keeps sharing his output with us.  Keep up with Rob Grimes.

The talented San Diego hip hop star has returned with his latest effort “Flickering Part II”.  Enjoy the video below:

For this one he brought in some expert help in director Alexandher and stunning model Luii Baddass.  The slow jam creeps into your soul with its soulful beat sample and then grabs your attention with Rob’s straight to the point vocal flow.  He allows the song and video to make its point without any superfluous flow.  The video is relatively short but is promises “to be continued”.  We will be looking forward to that.

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