Great styles of music never die, they just adapt and the strong musicians who make the sounds will survive.  Back in the mid 1990’s ska hit its peak in the pop music arena with bands like Sublime, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Goldfinger, and No Doubt.  Granted Gwen Stefani continued on (changing along the way) but most of the other bands got forgotten as pop music changed.  That did not mean the genre died, it just got stronger and more loyal fans that stayed with it.  Some of these fans developed into the next crop of bands such as our latest find Stop Press!

Stop Press!

The band hailing from London and South East England plays a soulful style of indie ska that draws much of its influence from these past bands but also adds a new element that has them gaining fans.  Stop Press! refuses to be pigeon holed and plans to keep their forward thinking sound going.  They caught the attention and were recently signed with Platform Songs to help expose their music to the masses.

The band recently released their “Somewhere Far” EP and single.  The song is a bouncy track with a staggered beat that will keep any listener bopping their head.  The vocals of Emma Hodgson are hauntingly soulful and sultry.  The track keeps the punch coming and refuses to let go.  This is quality songwriting from start to finish.  Keep up with more music by Stop Press! at:

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