Rob Massard Leads Us To The ‘Ascension’

Rob Massard

There must be true musical freedom for an artist to create something truly original. In the independent scene here is no need for genre restrictions. We can expand and blend whatever we see fit. Our recent discovery Rob Massard lets this freedom flow through with his newest record Ascension.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, the singer/songwriter has built up a good reputation with his unique sound. Rob Massard has found a way to blend the thoughtful taste of folk with a strong progressive take. Fans of both genres can come together within his music. There is genuine emotion in the lyrics that draw the listener in. Pairing that with atmospheric melodies will take you to completely new heights.

The newest album from Rob Massard has quite the fitting name in Ascension. The 10-track record is ready to take the listener on a full esoteric journey into their own soul. Prepare yourself for feelings of faith, hope, and inspiration. The record opens with a 36 second intro titled “The Awakening” that does exactly what it says it will. 

We already covered the amazing lead single “Shine Your Shine” HERE. But there is plenty more to hear. The beautiful folk style plucked guitar of “The Candidate” is truly beautiful. It will create more of the ease that Rob Massard has built for us. Smooth sounds creep from all corners to fuel our soul. 

Become ‘The Candidate’ With Rob Massard

There is some more raw energy present in “Fireside Stomp.” The faster pace will get the heart beating a little faster but the folky campfire tone is still very present. There is even a knee slapping beat that paints that fireside picture even more in my mind. “Slip Away” fits in well with this energy too.

Rob Massard shows off his impeccable ear for guitar melody on “Rift Hills and Sugar Valleys” with just his guitar. The instrumental track lets your mind take its own direction. The twists and turns are all up to you. 

On ”Maybe I” it all comes together as the guitar folk meets a spacy feel full of layers and texture. The lyrics are delivered with emotion that let us deep into the artist’s thoughts. His high reaching vocals amaze a little bit showing a little more talent from a talented man.

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