Take A ’60 Grit’ Ride On Rockford Road

Rockford Road

Classic music is classic for a reason. The sound lives on in many musician’s minds. Not only in their listening and influences but in the music they continue to make today. Our recent find Rockford Road is a great example that is keeping classic sound alive and well. 

The band from Richmond, Virginia was originally formed a few years ago when Bob Mahan (lead singer, guitars, keyboards) and Jim Davidson (drums, percussion) got together with the sole purpose of creating original Retro-Rock music. The songs started to flow but more musicians were needed to fill out the sound. It took a while but Tom Wisneski (bass, vocals) and Mike Lara (rhythm guitar, vocals) were found and Rockford Road was a reality. 

The story continues with their latest record 60 Grit. The 12 track album, the third by Rockford Road, aims to share life experiences and stories while also inspiring the listener to live their best life. The title track opener “60 Grit” sets the tone with classic guitar tones and a straight ahead beat pushing the energy. Mahan’s vocals give off that personal feeling that welcomes all to share in the story of a tough life. The Rockford Road sound expands on “Meant To Be” with the help of guest saxophonist Casey Cranford and guest vocalist Victoria Cottrell. A well played guitar solo takes it even further. 

“Meant To Be” with Rockford Road

They show off some other influences on “Rhyme Or Reason.” Here we get tastes of country, americana, and even a little bit of latin flair. The skill of the musicians is tremendous with their instruments. This continues on “Calling Of The Clowns” with a little more experimentation. A darker vibe creeps in here with Wisneski’s bass providing a nice groove. We even get some Blues with “Socks On The Floor Blues.” Rockford Road can truly lead us to wherever they want to go.

The energy, and guests, return on “Still Loving You” with sounds coming from every corner of the speakers to fill the room. Another top notch guitar solo pairs well with a Sax solo and some piano accompaniment. “Waiting At Home” is a perfect closer for Rockford Road. The clapping brings the audience into the band for a sing-a-long finale. We can all relate to the hard life but enjoying the time we get to hang out and enjoy some good music. 

Come join the party on Rockford Road HERE.

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