Roving Apatosaurus Go Underwater With ‘Calypso’


Our exotic friends from The Roving Apatosaurus have returned with another entertaining cover song and video in “Calypso.” Bringing back these often forgotten classics of the past is a needed piece of the musical landscape. We need to remember the beautiful stories and songs that were granted to us by amazing artists of the past.


The music created by The Roving Apatosaurus is a collaboration of multiple independent freelance artists from geographically disparate locations.  The style and type do not necessarily fit any one genre. The goal is to create covers of fun songs that may need to be reintroduced to newer generations or appeal to those of older generations who remember the originals, or just to provide a unique spin on a contemporary work.


Soak In The Visuals of the ‘Calypso’ Video


On September 16th The Roving Apatosaurus released the Music Video for the song “Calypso”, originally written by John Denver. It was written as a tribute to Jacques Cousteau and his crew of the research vessel “Calypso.” Their underwater discoveries changed the way we see the planet and in particular, the oceans.


The video is broken down into 3 parts. First, we get the full and complete song with vocals, then a nostalgic trip down memory lane with samples of John F Kennedy granting the national Geographic Gold Medal to Jacques Cousteau in honor of the journeys of the Calypso. The last part is an instrumental only version of the song letting the sounds speak for themselves.

The visuals borrowed from Pixabay provide more of the beauty of the sea and the creatures that inhabit it. Majestic and amazing.


The song is available for purchase (digital download) and streaming. Browse CD Baby, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, etc. for The Roving Apatosaurus. And follow along on their YOUTUBE channel for more songs of wonder.

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