We had introduced our readers to the Cleveland Hip Hop artist Rox Ran and his original style a while back.  The talent is back with more music for us to here and a new direction to send his music.  He is staying true to doing what feels best to him as opposed to trying to fit into the mold of what every other rapper is doing.  Rox Ran pours his heart and soul into his music and is not scared to share his personal life in song.

Rox Ran Killin It

The latest release from Rox Ran is ‘You Winnin’.  It is scheduled to be the first single off his debut project Heaven On Earth.  This time he teamed up with producer Kajmir Royale to craft something that grabs attention from the start yet allows for Rox Ran’s lyrics to be heard and felt.  The breaks in the song allow for the listener to reset and prepare for another verse of energy.  This duo has much to say and is not afraid to let the world hear it.  Enjoy the video here:

For more go to: http://www.roxran.com/

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