S J Denney

Essex-based singer-songwriter S J Denney returns with his new single “Here I am”. The idea for this song came to him while in a car park of a local supermarket. As its tune arrived, he grabbed his iPhone and began recording. As soon as he returned home, he grabbed his guitar to add the chords.

He describes its story as “It’s very much a love song with a twist. Like a darker way of expressing your feelings for someone. I’ve always loved this approach to songwriting. One of the best examples is ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police. So many people think it’s a simple love song. But when you listen to the lyrics, you realise it’s about stalking somebody”.

“Here I am” opens up with the use of two guitars which sets a gentle tone. Denney’s then come in as he shares the opening lines “Open up your eyes / I’m standing right beside you / Don’t you realise that I’m there?”. Straight away you can hear his blend of Britpop meets Americana. It is a combination that not many people would put together, but it works.

The vocals are delicate and gently flow throughout. They are used to add the perfect amount of emotion to share this love story with a twist. This tone shines during the chorus as he shares the lines “I’m letting you know that I care / I’m not gonna let you forget me / I don’t wanna leave this to chance / And regret”. This mood is enhanced with the beautiful additional of the cello by Louise Dearsley.

‘Here I Am’ shows that S J Denney’s new album will be a must listen

There is a surprise addition as the song comes to a close. A trumpet break supplied by Rus Rogers. It may be a little unexpected, but it is a great way to help bring this impressive release to its end.

“Here I am” is just the beginning of what will be a busy year for S J Denney. There are plans to share this track and more new additions while he performs at gigs and festivals around the UK. Then, towards the second part of the year, he plans to release a new collection of songs. Going from his social media accounts, he is excited for everyone to hear what he has created.

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