Saint Marilyn Releases Artistic Music Video for Upcoming Synth Pop Album ‘Tangle’

Saint Marilyn

Brooklyn-based Saint Marilyn has just released an official music video for “Stranded,” a track included in the upcoming release of their EP, Tangle. This track is one of three that they have released, in company with “Burn Burn Burn” and “Jaws,” which fans are loving already.


Tangle is scheduled for release on May 18. The duo behind the album is comprised of Che Houston and Kevin Marksson, who are not only compatible musicians, but long time friends as well.


Saint Marilyn Prioritizes Their Love for Music


Houston has shared that “Burn Burn Burn” was written about a fight that leads to a break up after one partner comes to realizations about their relationship. This track fits in seamlessly with the theme of their album, which Houston has shared is about both conflict and unity.


This EP was a big risk for them, marking a considerable departure from their more dreampop previous sound, and luckily fans are already in love with their singles and video. The pair saved up money and quit their jobs in order to pursue their passions for music full time. For them, this means spending every waking moment writing lyrics, layering synth sounds over their instrumentals, recording their music, making videos, and even trying to orchestrate a documentary to share the inspirational story that is Saint Marilyn.

The music video that accompanies “Standard” goes incredibly well with the lyrics and synth-pop sound that the duo crafted together, seeming effortlessly perfect. That being said, it must have taken a tremendous amount of work to make sure that the color and light scheme matched the temp in which they play their music. Their faces are highlighted in such a way to give off an enticingly mysterious aura, with a red and gold color scheme throughout.


Tangle contains six heart filled, adrenaline pumping songs that will definitely leave fans craving more.

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