“He So Euro” by Salgorhythm

Beach music can be whatever you listen to when you hit the sand, but there’s no denying that it’s a genre all on its own. Hip-hop, rock, country, pop; they’ve all contributed something to this legendary pool of music, and to some degree, you could say that Salgorhythm takes a little from all of them when he lights up the speakers with his new single “He So Euro.” The music video for the song gives us a pretty good idea of how this artist likes to party in the sun, but even without the visual component, it’s obvious Salgorhythm is a guy who appreciates the beats that drive us into the cool ocean spray on a summer afternoon.

“He So Euro” sports a good balance of rhythm and melodicism, intriguingly separated by the girth of the bassline rather than any of the surface-level instrumental components. Interestingly, the bass has as big a role here as it does, primarily because there’s not much room on the bottom of this mix for it to spread out. Salgorhythm obviously feels confident with this slim foundation beneath his feet, and I would love to hear him compose another song with a similar framing just to see how much he could still do with it.

Texture is more important to the indie pop crowd than it is to anyone making a party anthem of the style that “He So Euro” was conceived, but this isn’t true of Salgorhythm. There’s a raised presence to the bass and the drums that give the groove an almost acrylic finish, and whether you’re listening to this song on a pair of luxury headphones or an old speaker you’ve had since middle school, you’re likely to feel the thunderous flow for the music much as you would in a live performance.

To me, “He So Euro” is a club jam that wasn’t made for the club crowd alone, and it’s got the potential to get you shaking your bottom inside of its opening bars. This wasn’t an ideal summer for the mainstream pop scene, but the underground has been thriving on every channel – especially with dance numbers like this one. Despite all of the competition, Salgorhythm is earning his hype with a performance of this magnitude, and even if he doesn’t remix “He So Euro” any time soon, it would be nice to see him break out this template again in the near future.

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