Julez says “Lovin’ You” was worth the wait

It has been quite a journey but the long-awaited song by Julez, “Lovin’ You”, is here now.

The title suggests that the song is about love. Even though they were not together, the artist remembered adoring his sweetheart. This song has a lot of lyrical strength. Julez performed word wizardry throughout the song. Furthermore, the music perfectly complements the gentle lyrics of lovely lyrics. Julez describes the song as follows:

“The song was created around a piano riff I wrote many years ago when I first started writing music. After a very hard breakup a few years ago, I finished writing the song structure and melody. It means a lot to me as it’s about someone very close to me who I still love very much”.

The song was produced by the famous London-Based artist Julez himself and Renowned London-based producer Paddy Hunt. They recorded some parts of the song in a studio in London and some at the house of Julez. The song “Lovin’ You” was released on August 27th, 2018 on many online music channels, including Spotify, Apple Music, and many others. The song was crafted with the help of LA Singer Bailey Jehl with melody and lyrics added in.

Julez has been writing for 5 Years and released his Debut single in 2020. Julian Gardner, stage name Julez, is a talented singer, music composer, and songwriter. Despite having a lifetime love of music, he only started working in the field two years ago. He established a reputation among young musicians in just two years because of his remarkable songwriting and music production skills. Julez’s early exposure to numerous musical instruments, such as the piano and drums, increased his musical sensitivity. He collaborated with a variety of bands in his earlier days. He has a solid understanding of how to control the flow of his beats. Additionally, he is talented enough to properly harmonize and select the texture, rhythm, and harmony of every element in his songs. 

Julez’s Services in Music Industry Till Now

So far, Julez has released a number of songs. Patrick Hunt was a part of his debut single “High and Low,” which combined techno music with high and low ideal pitches, voices, and lyrics. He later issued “Beautiful Mind” and its club mix edition, which were well-received. At the beginning of 2020, before the Corona Virus appeared, these were his ongoing endeavors. Because of the quarantine, he was unable to release any music, but he did write a lot. His extraordinary focus and diligence resulted in the masterpieces “Pieces,” “Lift Me Up,” and his most recent “Lovin’ You.”All these tracks proved to be the game changers for his music career. Both of the released songs, i.e., “Pieces” and “Lift Me Up,” hit the popular song list. Julez received heart-warming admiration from all the listeners.

All of these tracks are available online on various popular music websites.

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