Sam Hale Finds His Truth as SOHEILL


A musician we have been following for a while, simply known as Sam Hale, will now be known as SOHEILL. The relevance and importance of the name change is influenced by his desire for truth. 

SOHEILL says of the name change: “I’ve had many ups and downs in my life and music career, but one thing I’ve always struggled with in the past is my identity. Your identity is who you are and that is a part of your story you should never change. 

I realize that now and I have finally made the decision to say goodbye to Sam Hale. My new artist name is the very same name that my grandma whispered into my ear when I was born, SOHEILL (pronounced So Hail).” 

Sam Hale Announces Artist Name Change to SOHEILL and New Music Coming This Year 

This announcement also comes at a time when a new sound and musical direction is on the horizon. Even in the midst of uncertainty in the world right now, SOHEILL has found the energy and motivation to keep pressing forward. He is creating the music he believes in. We can expect to hear new and exciting things as early as April 2020. 

During the current situation, SOHEILL is going to be doing live streamed shows every Thursday on Instagram Live. Come say hello!

Continue to watch more of the journey on his WEBSITE and social media channels.


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