Säm Wilder Sets Sights on The Future with ‘Homebound’

Säm Wilder

In the world of music you never know when an opportunity will present itself. You must stay ready to seize it. But you also must be willing to evolve and grow. Accepting these changes is what leads to becoming a true and respected artist. A great example of this is our recent discovery Säm Wilder who shared his promo EP with us in anticipation of his full-length Homebound (Deluxe) album coming soon.

Originally from The Netherlands, the rising artist moved to California at 18 years old. Diving right into the bustling music scene, Säm Wilder found himself at a party at Spin Move Records Studio in Santa Monica, CA. All the musicians jamming and singing together led to Säm catching the ear of house producer Hero DeLano, who happened to be looking for a fresh vocalist for an EDM track. Things moved fast and his moniker Beekwilder appeared on some big recordings over the next couple years. 

Now finding his own songwriting voice, Säm Wilder is set to release his full length album Homebound (Deluxe). We all  get a taste on the promo EP he sent us. The four tracks on the promo EP reflect different aspects of Wilder’s sound and thematic concept of leaving old things behind and anxiously embracing all the exciting possibilities coming his way.

Listen to ‘Overtime’ by Säm Wilder Here:

The opener “Overtime” sets a groove laden tone to welcome us to the new Säm Wilder sound. Some falsetto vocals show his range as the lyrics dive deep. It is an anthem for artists driven to out in tremendous amounts of work for potential success. “What’s Wrong With Me” slows it up a little with a piano leading the way. The production is very good putting all the beats together into an elegant pop song.

To show off even more diversity Säm Wilder hits us with the dramatic “Bring It Home.” The big soaring beat demands attention. We even get some freestyle rap verses to show what this man can do. The EP closes with “This Far”, a soulful track that brought touches of Maroon 5 to mind. There is plenty of funk added as well to keep the listener engaged to where the artist will take him next. This progression of songs gives us true confidence that the album will be a stunner, and Säm Wilder is on his way to stardom.

Keep up with music and news on the Säm Wilder WEBSITE.

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