Sasha’s Bloc – Bringing Back The Roaring 20’s Jazz Sound

Sasha's Bloc

As much as musical styles will advance with new technologies and innovation, there will always be something pure about the classic genres.  The instruments that were the basis of all music can still be just as beautiful when they are stripped back down to their roots.  We recently came across Sasha’s Bloc who brings back a nostalgia that reminds us all of why we love music in the first place.

The idea of the big band was formed in the mind of bassist Alexander Gershman.  He wanted to form a full ensemble that evoked the roaring Big Band Jazz sound of the 1920’s.  The best musicians and vocalists throughout Los Angeles, California were brought in to officially create Sasha’s Bloc.  Each member had experience playing with some of the greats of the genre as well as some more modern artists to round out their sound.  Together their current music has become an intriguing mix of Contemporary Jazz, Ragtime, Blues, Gypsy Jazz & Traditional Swing.  As nostalgic as it is, there is a new originality that keeps the music fresh.  Although the band only has a few years under their belt they are starting to really pick up steam and the eye and ears of the players in the industry.

The latest track by Sasha’s Bloc is “Runaway Blues”.  Right from the start, the singers blow you away with their amazing harmony.  As an elegant piano comes in to push the song forward a wave of beauty washes over the listener.  As the song builds the horn section comes in to take it to the next level.  The image of a Jazz club from the early days is easy to picture as you listen.  This is music to bring up all kinds of emotions.

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