Rachael Sage Inspired by First Love in Choreographic

rachel sage

The concept of a “first love” has been one that has preoccupied songwriters for centuries. The deep emotional connection, sentimental attachment, and memories associated with this person can be so strong, that the sentiment is almost impossible to experience over again once it has been first felt. For Rachael Sage, though, her first love is not a person; it’s dance. Sage just released her latest album Choreographic, a fitting devotion to this first love.

Rachael Sage’s Dance Infects Her Music

The New York City based singer-songwriter was a successful dancer herself, and even danced with the New York City Ballet before she turned to music. Sage hasn’t turned her back on dance by any stretch of the mind, though, and sees this album as a way to use one art form to communicate about another. Choreographic has proven to be an explosive collection, and it’s no wonder why, once you actually listen to it. In addition to her astounding talent, Sage has worked alongside Andy Zulla, a Grammy® award-winning producer Andy Zulla, who has worked alongside such artists as Idina Menzel and Rod Stewart. She also worked alongside several amazingly talented instrumentalists.

A Collection of Gems

Each individual track is a true gem. “Heaven (Is A Grocery Store Clerk)” is a great flagship song for the album, because it combines Sage’s use of orchestral pop and emotionally charged lyrics “Give me something to dream about.” It’s got the passion of Alanis Morisette combined with the sweetness of Ingrid Michaelson. The use of piano and strings also really help bring home the sentimental feel of the song. “Loreena” is another equally enjoyable track. It has a more minimal instrumental backing, though it’s just as powerful emotionally. “Try, Try, Try” takes a slightly different route, with heavy electric guitar riffs and a generally angry feel to it. It’s another example of Sage’s skillful combination of vocal and instrumental expression.

Rachael Sage is set to really take over the airwaves. She’s already garnered a great deal of success, and her popularity is only increasing with her latest release. It’s truly-talented artists like her that restore our faith in the musical world. In spite of her success in music, though, Sage will always be true to her first love: dance.

To hear learn more about, and hear some of Rachael Sage’s work, go to: http://rachaelsage.com/

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