Digitized Enchantment in New I Am Snow Angel EP

I Am Snow Angel

One of the greatest things about the electropop sub genre is its ability to create worlds of its own. Sure, traditional instruments may seem like a “realer” version of music because they’re, well, using actual instruments. However, the ability of the most versatile instrument, the synthesizer, is something that has yet to be recognized and appreciated to the fullest. I Am Snow Angel certainly does her best to honor the synth.

Some purists may scowl at the sound of the phrase “electro-dream-pop,” but with artists like I Am Snow Angel there is an elegant beauty that cannot be replicated with just a set of acoustic instruments.

Sonic Worlds in I Am Snow Angel’s Debut

With the release of her EP, “Desert,” I Am Snow Angel takes her audience on a dreamy, futuristic, digitized journey. There is a fantastical ambience throughout the EP that resembles that of artists such as Imogen Heap; I can’t help but picture some sort of angelic space princess cooing soft tales of desire, passion and longing as I go through the tracks.

The EP’s title track exemplifies this image; with her whispering vocals and hazy instrumental, “Desert” starts off sounding like a lullaby that has an inviting lustre. As more synth sounds are added to the already mellowing piano melody, the track builds itself up ever so gently, adding a level of trippy-ness that can only come from a place that is far and beyond our planet. The track is something that you gaze up at the gleaming stars to, imagining what it’s like in the unknown.

Theatrical Simplicity

The simplicity of tracks like “Fever” and “Keep You Out” are what makes the entire EP so inviting. There is a certain level of ingenuity that is shown through the dreamy mix of synths. It’s very lighthearted and straightforward, which gives I Am Snow Angel an added charm. However, it is easy to get too lost in the haze, especially with “Keep You Out.”

The EP itself is already slow in nature, yet somehow this particular track manages to be even slower than the rest, which is slightly exasperating. However, much like Phildel, I Am Snow Angel creates an entire backstory for each of her songs, adding a theatrical element that makes the EP as alluring as her vocals.

In an age where everything seems to be made on computers, “Desert” proves that the digital era can be just as enticing as a guitar and drums. I Am Snow Angel’s dreamlike enchantment is something out of a modern-day fairy tale, giving fans not only a set of songs to listen to but also a series of stories to follow along with.  

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