‘Not Impressed’ is Not an Accurate Descriptor of Listening to Sculpture Club’s Newest Collab

Sculpture Club

The post-punk band, Sculpture Club, has joined with a variety of U.S. and European bands in a unique compilation record. The Salt Lake City-based band worked together with these other groups to form Songs From Under the Floorboard, Vol. 1, out on April 6 via Accident Prone Records. Sculpture Club has participated in this collaboration with their song “Not Impressed.”


This is a yearly series that benefits the LGBTQ community and fem-oriented serviced organizations. Part of the profits of the physical sale of each LP will be donated to Planned Parenthood. The bands have also agreed to funnel all profits from digital proceeds to the cause as well.


The rest of the bands included on the track list of this piece of work are: Shadow Age, Annex, Perralobo, Ötzi, and Vice Device on side A. On Side B, the bands included are Golden Apes, Ghost Noise, Sculpture Club, Bernays Propaganda feat. Mike Watt, and Forever Grey.



Sculpture Club Leave you Quite Impressed


The song “Not Impressed” fits the post-punk genre to a T. It definitely goes along with the rest of the rare and unique songs that make up this LP. The rest of the bands on this work have post-punk and darkwave sounds.


This track plays into the darker and rougher tone of the collaboration. The lower and darker vocals and heavier use of guitar gives it a grim sound, making it true to its post-punk genre. Although it has a surlier sound, you’re still able to bop round to this song. Once the chorus hits, the song becomes a bit more up-tempo, as much as a post-punk song can get, and makes you want to nod your head along. Maybe even sway along if you get into the guitar solos incorporated.


The lyrics are a bit repetitive but the gruff vocals keep it appealing. Accompanied by the more exciting guitar solos and slightly upbeat drums, you don’t get overwhelmed with the repetitious lines.


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