New Album from I-Octane is a Reduction of ‘Love and Life’


Remember Sean Kingston? The bright reggae-inspired easygoing music that made him known? Reggae pop is underrated in the industry. Those mellow drums and accompanying vibes beg for replay value, which is exactly what you get from Love and Life by I-Octane.


I-Octane’s Jamaican roots flow through his work


The album is a tribute to a true reggae style. Tropical notions and sunny production bleed through. The second track, “Pretty Loud,” is a stand-alone hit. As far as lead singles go, this one is near perfect. “Pretty Loud” gives off a bright anthem quality. Projecting the album’s voice in one. It’s definitely one to check out with the rest of the record.


As far as sounds go, the album doesn’t fall short of nodding at other genres. Definite R&B vibes creep through in some songs, such as “Let Me Love You”.



A 50/50 split of island and rhythmic inspirations that I-Octane draws from take the tune to new heights in terms of creativity. Other singles dive into that “Beautiful Girls”-like pop stature. Take “Love To See You,” a fast-paced dance track. The energy waits for no one, a theme with “Love and Life.” An album of an apt name gives it to you.


Love and Life‘s many motions in one


My favorite track, “Nothing in Common,” is simple in its delivery. A sucker for jazz music, there’s an amazing sax solo throughout. Gives an incredible amount of soul in just one song. The impact of a simple solo can enhance the entire deity of the album. And as the album progresses, sparks of interest come through in different tracks. “Time Line” and “Sexiness” are particular standouts in this area.


Having 19 songs on a single project sounds like overkill. Though not when the entire release as a whole is enjoyable. The good thing about plenty of tracks: there’s a good chance for liking at least a percentage of songs. Who knows, you could even find your own “Beautiful Girls” in I-Octane’s latest.


Fine more I-Octane music HERE.

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