Sean McMorris – Passion And Desire Lead To Talent

Sean McMorris

The life of an individual with music in their heart can be a long and winding road.  Paths will look wide open and close up extremely fast.  Ideas that seem perfect may develop into dead ends.  This is all part of the process.  Someone who is willing to keep pushing forward to achieve what their heart truly wants will earn their success.  One such example is the career of Sean McMorris.

Life started confusing enough as a left handed child of an American single mother living in Paris, France.  It wasn’t meant to be easy but the iconic sounds of Elvis Presley’s music drew Sean McMorris deep into the web of wanting to be a musician.  Singing and piano lessons came next but his teacher who was an actual Nun, didn’t allow Sean to learn the modern day rock classics that he so desperately wanted to play.  Next came the drum as he had the luck to learn to roll with bebop legend Kenny Clark.  Always hungry for more music, Sean McMorris would often grab his mother’s old nylon string guitar and play until he heard harmonies.  

The basis was laid for a career in music.  Acting tried to grab hold as Sean McMorris got the chance to work with Laurence Olivier and Diane Lane on the set of “A Little Romance” but it was not for him.  He followed through on education and received a Baccalaureate in Economic and Social Studies from the French lycée.  Music was still calling though and he moved to Boston to learn at the famed Berklee College of Music.  Success came rather quickly as his band Option One was being courted heavily by IRS Records.  Things moved too fast though and the band imploded.  A move to New York City was next which led to more schooling where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Drumming from City College (CCNY).  Today, Sean performs around NYC as a solo singer/songwriter and drummer for the Lazy Lions.

The latest offering by Sean McMorris is the full-length album Elevated Man.  The 10 track record shows off the years of inspiration and songwriting practice.  The opening title track “Elevated Man” is a soft and sweet song highlighting his somewhat sultry voice.  There is a bouncy and fun vibe on “Bent Out Of Shape” that exudes through the speakers.  This is music to make you smile as your head nods along.  A darker tone is felt on “Sweet Sarah Ruth” with some interesting organ sounds creating a full atmosphere for the song.  The intertwined melodies let the mind wander along.  There is a little bit of everything on “You Can Run” from a taste of new wave to punk scattered into the bass driven track.  The record closes with “‘Tis”, a slowed down and romantic track that will leave the listener wanting more from Sean McMorris.  This is expert songwriting that can play well from a NYC sidewalk cafe to an intimate and elegant supper club.

You can keep up with more music and development of Sean McMorris HERE.

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