Secret Circus Crowdfunding Their Third Studio Album, “The Beginning Is Near”

Secret Circus

Secret Circus is an ear-grabbing duo out of Stockholm, Sweden and they’ve put together a hot new album titled, The Beginning is Near. A magical blend of unfamiliar genres, the twin brothers have been able to create a sound that is as unconventional as it is nuanced. Armed with ambitious lyricism and an arrangement of psychedelic acoustics, Secret Circus has paved an ever-glowing trail for creative minds everywhere.

Their  first two albums have been nothing short of exceptional so I’m fully expecting the third time to be the charm.  Klas and Joel Ahman have effectively nuzzled themselves in a genre all their own. It’s two parts Pink Floyd, two parts Hendrix, and topped off with an uncanny sense of emotional investment. They’ve got passion. They’ve got spunk.  And most of all, they come with a whole lot of innovation.

Let’s see just how far they can take this.


Secret Circus: Strong and Impassioned

This is a two-man band unlike any other. They’ve taken the Americana of old and immersed it in an ever-flowing river of psychedelic soul and a punkishly passionate backbeat.

Secret Circus is no stranger to diversity. They’ve developed a fascinating blend of contemporary folk and jazz which might at first seem best fit for the phrase “Rock”, but there really is just no one box to put these guys in. You can take, for instance, their latest single “Paper Michae”. It meshes smooth vocalism and harmonization with a brash and bass-bumping arrangement. Then there’s songs like “Quick Fix” from their 2012 album Lmnt. Pieces like this one seem to kind of envelop the listener in a story of sorts, carrying us all on our own separate journey through the clouds as we listen.

All in all though, my favorite piece is from some of their earliest work. Take a moment and enjoy Secret Circus’s, “Some Day”, from their 2009 debut This is Secret Circus.



Well Worth It

Go checkout their Kickstarter campaign page! Secret Circus has come up with dozens of incentives to give a big “Thank You” to everyone who finds it within themselves to show some support.  They’ve blessed their every listener with an intensely emotional listening experience that is truly hard to come by. They have stared mainstream opposition in the face and answered with a sturdy denial, standing proudly atop the indie folk scene with an undying hunger for execution and improvement.

Let’s see if we can’t help them reach their goal.

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