In April 2004 two Belgian born Italian souls came together for a simple, quick 30 minute improvisation for a lounge track called ‘L`estate sta finendo’. They became known as Settemani/ S7MANI

Born of two different backgrounds in musical terms the pair created the excellent Album Primaditutto: S7mani. Considered as a sound created by two musicians with homes in disparate musical spheres, the sound was considered unique, different and ground breaking. Over the last decade the band has recorded a quite astonishing 300 songs and created their own world, where they work together on projects – Studio S7.


S7MANI pride themselves in the freedom they allow in their music – there are no boundaries in the recording studio and they believe that’s what helps them come alive. Fun and feeling the soul of the music are at the centre of their creative processes – and even if the resulting music could be consider pop or lounge music – S7MANI don’t like to place their sound in a box. For S7MANI passion and feeling are at the fore of making music.

S7MANI like to improvise when it comes to creating music – focusing on creating music in the moment rather than writing it down and that’s very apparent in both their albums. The philosophy being that destiny will create the final sound.


The stylish and innovative sound showcases the bands abilities and their influences – as disparate as they are often deemed to be. Deemed as the perfect music for fashion by some Settemani’s sound certainly has that lounge music appeal, but with a little bite too. There’s something a little more interesting about their sound than the run of the mill lounge music that we hear regularly and that’s what’s fantastic about the new album.

Visually, this cutting edge can be seen in the band’s YouTube videos TikTak, Irragiungibile and also Mondo Speciale all of which are capture the band’s music in the stylish manner it should be seen in.

The band has evolved since its formation in every way from their video presentation, name and even their sound – this willingness to adapt, change and progress has seen the band become increasingly popular and also meant they’ve worked with a number of great musicians including Carlo Nardozza, Michel Bisceglia, Massimo D’ambra, Erik Knockaert.

So, if you like lounge club music with Italian flair then we’d suggest giving S7MANI’s new album Secondnoi a listen.

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  1. gigi

    I love this kind of music, can listen to it all night long, feel the rithem, its like a black soul has played the drums? I would like to see more, keep us posted !