As much as we like to experience exotic and imaginative music there is always something that attracts me to straight up alternative rock.  The raw energy and power draws me back to my early days of falling in love with all that music could be and could do for me.  Bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam molded my early years.  It is great to see hard working bands like The Sweetlips keeping the torch burning.

The Sweetlips

The three-piece stoner/alt-rock band from Australia NSW provides that early 90’s attitude with a fresh touch keeping it the music as relevant today as it was back then.  The Sweetlips are made up of Daxton Monaghan on guitar & vocals, Kirt Mallie – Bass and Richie Catlin on drums.  From their beginnings in 2012 the band has stretched out making new fans throughout Australia through touring and festivals and are now ready to expose their music to even bigger crowds.

Last year The Sweetlips released a powerful record through the Foghorn Records label.  The 10 track From Out Of Nowhere is a great introduction to these rising stars.  Right from the guitar and drum opening of “Little Child” you know you are about to experience an energetic listen.  The raw power jumps out at you.  On “Method Of Science” The Sweetlips show off a melodic beauty within a robust rock sound.  The chorus will suck in any lover of rock music.  The group can slow it down when needed too as on “Sun Raiser” which pushes along in a mellower tone.  The intensity returns on the in your face “Tie Me Down”.  The throwback track reminds of some classic rock staples.  Overall this is a fantastic record for those looking to bang their head up and down and release some steam.  Keep up with The Sweetlips at:

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