Shelita Burke – Innovative Brain Tickle Songwriting

Shelita Burke

If you find something musical that is original, there will be an audience out there ready to devour it up.  The key is to reach these potential fans one at a time and connect with them.  This will be no easy task but our recent discovery Shelita Burke has been up to the challenge and is ready to explode onto the music scene.

The singer-songwriter raised in Seattle, Washington was always a lover of interesting sounds.  Combining sounds has become her trademark.  Shelita Burke created an original sound which incorporated her fascination with polyrhythms and the Middle Eastern scale – fusing them with the traditional Western scale to create dynamic textures that appeal to all ears.  

It wasn’t that long ago that Shelita Burke was perfecting her craft while busking on the streets and small clubs of Seattle.  She noticed an affinity for writing songs that helped her tackle the wide range of emotions that came with becoming an adult in an increasingly complex life. Writing lyrics that reflected her deepening experiences and the realities of this life.  The unique sound of Shelita Burke was furthered with her discovery of a unique perceptual phenomenon called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) – essentially a pleasurable, tingling “brain tickle” effect – led her to incorporate unique vocal runs that added what she calls “brain orgasms” to her songs.

Shelita Burke Ready To Give Brain Orgasms

There is a new EP on the horizon for Shelita Burke called Five scheduled for release on October 25th, 2016.  Indie Band Guru was given an advanced listen to the 5-song record and is excited for the rest of the world to hear it.  Right from the opener “Belong” we can hear that the production is top notch and ready for the mainstream.  The dance beat will get bodies moving as Shelita shares her elegant and interesting voice.  The next track “Together” slows it down for a little darker feel.  The more minimalistic production allows the focus to be on the emotional lyrics and innovative singing style.  The dance club vibe returns on “Waiting”with a peppy beat peppered with keyboard sounds and seemingly random noises coming from all angles.  The EP closes with the club banger “Words”.  There seems to be a contrast of the sped up backbeat and the heartfelt slowed down vocals.  The EDM and glitch genres show their influence here making for an exciting song at every turn.  

This one will be on repeat in our offices for a while.  Go HERE to keep up with Shelita Burke and find more imaginative music to listen to.

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