One of the more important traits for a successful artist is having the bravery to open up and speak his mind no matter what the consequences may be.  This sometimes causes tough times and an artist will get himself in some trouble but keeping the determination to reach your goals on your own terms will pay off in the end.  One talent that has been a good example of this is our recent discovery Shotta Sho.

Shotta Sho

The hip hop rising star was born in New York and spent his early childhood in Brooklyn.  In 2000 Shotta moved to Barbados to go to school and grow up in a warmer climate.  Out there he could not find much relaxation and got in a lot of teenage trouble.  What he did find there was a love and passion for writing and creating music.  His mother brought him back to New York to finish High School.  Growing up in 2 very different cultures led Shotta Sho to create his own unique musical style that he describes as fusion.  It is an interesting mix of Hip Hop, reggae and Soca.

With the recent release of his Mixtape Late Nights And Early Mornings Shotta Sho is ready to reach the next level.  Right from the opener “Can’t Stop My Grind” he spits lyrics that tell how it is no matter if you like it or not.  Player haters need not pay attention.  The beat is pretty exotic with sounds coming from all different styles.  There is a sped up choppy dance beat behind “Lose My Mind” while Shotta Sho chops up his vocals and letting the hook speak for itself.  On “Stoner Life” he slows it down to let the smoke sink in and mellow out the listener.  Shotta Sho brings in the vocal help of Skydive Mike on “Greatest”.  The flow is impressive over the dark sound creeping along.  The record closes with the groovy funk feel of “Loud Thoughts” and its head bopping beat.  Definitely a solid album for lovers of Hip Hop that are open to something a little different.

Hear the album here:

and keep up with Shotta Sho at:

Twitter – @Shotta_Sho

Instagram – @DaOriginalRudeboy

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