Mainstream pop music has changed greatly over the years.  No matter how much it changes it will always stay in your mind and bring back memories of good times, and sometimes bad.  It becomes the soundtrack of your life in a way because the songs get so prevalent on Top 40 radio.  Our recent find Xavier Toscano is ready to take pop music to the next level.

The California based pop artist has always been a big fan of the way that the radio friendly music builds memories of life’s experiences and forms that bond.  His personal style is an energetic and enthusiastic dance fueled sound with pulsing beats and vocals leading the way.  His music is made for the stage with his dynamic stage show touring across the US and Europe.  Fans seem to be amazed at the amount of energy Xavier Toscano exudes from the stage.

The full length album Feels So Good was recently released to the world.  You can download the entire album for free right now at:  The 11 track record is high energy pop that will make you move from start to finish.  The opener “Never Wanna Leave” is a fun sounding dance track heavy on the vocal flow.  Lyrics are a big part of Xavier Toscano’s music.  There is a well made music video for the song as well.  Enjoy it here:

There is some range shown on “Castles In The Sky” with its slowed down ballad feel.  The mellow  hope that the song brings will give you the time to rebuild for high energy electro dance track “The Remedy” that follows it.  This is a club banger if there ever was one.  There is a funk feel to the different sounding “Nas-T-Nize”.  I tasted a Prince influence here.  The closer “Threw Me Away” lets you off with a relatively relaxing tone compared to the rest of the record.  Overall Feel So Good is a party record ready for the dance club or just a fun night at home dancing around in your bedroom.  Download it free at:



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