The power of collaboration in the music world today has never been better.  The ability to share tracks and work on a song with someone on the other side of the world thanks to the internet is remarkable to me.  The earth is still shrinking and it is a good thing for music.  Our latest find Skelley’s Dream exemplifies this.

Skelleys Dream

What began as a solo musical concept with Dutch songwriter Winski has grown to an international project.  The only true goal is to make great  original and moving music inspired by a group of enthusiastic and creative musicians who just love music for what it is.  There are no boundaries.

Last week Skelley’s Dream released their 10th record We Are Amazing.  The 16 track record welcomes everyone in with its diverse influences and sounds.  Many artists collaborated on this one including Radboud Withaar, Dustin (vocals), Marisa (vocals), Tayrio (strings), Fabalistic (rap), Jonjo (Destination Mars), Ground fish (backings), Marckiese “Kiese” Buford (effects), Mirko (strings), James Marshall (bass), Edgar Dickey (vocals), Alex Bersecker (guitars), Landon Hendricks (bass), Jofanum Bonato (rap), K19 (rap), and CiOn daddy (rap).  On songs such as “I Got My Hands Up” and “Why Is This Happening To Me” you can feel the full sonic landscape being filled with beautiful sounds.  The songs are all over the map from the beat of “Funk You” to the almost country swagger of “So Good To You”.  The title track “We Are Amazing” is a truly pretty song with a chorus that will be lodged in your brain for days.  Enjoy the moving music video below:

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