The life of a performing artist is often a very interesting one.  When the artist’s personality is outgoing and a little crazy the music just becomes one piece of the entertaining puzzle that is the performer.  We recently discovered FINN who has all the tools to grab your attention and keep it while you wait to see what she will do next.


Born in the San Fernando Valley, California as Tiffany Anne Jordan she was exposed to all sorts of cultures and grabbed influences wherever she saw fit.  Whether it be her dad’s classic rock and Latin Jazz or her sister’s hip hop and punk there was a unique sound taking shape in Finn’s head.  People are not sure what to make of her but she has been described as an optimistic thinker, a perceptive dreamer, an urban hippy, a bluesy experimentalist, and even an uncompromising lover.  Finn’s sound is just as diverse with a powerful voice that exudes a sultry emotional tone.

We were able to get a listen to Finn’s upcoming single “Lover” recently and can see what the fuss is all about.  The soulful blues-pop melody is pushed forward by her alternative folk singing style.  This is a song that will draw the listener in close thinking they are inside a safe warm track but when the lyrics and vocal strength of Finn are heard there is much more to it.  Keep up with this unique talent at:

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