There is a large world of music out there.  People that only keep their ears open to mainstream sounds from their own nation are missing out on a world of musical opportunity.  Recently we were introduced to the talented Fiona Hare from the other side of the world.

Fiona Hare

Hailing from the always intriguing Cape Town, South Africa the multi-instrumentalist has come up with her own brand of nu-folk.  Fiona Hare is a singer, songwriter, pianist, guitarist and drummer, raised on a farm in Hermanus, in the Hemel en Aarde Valley.  She started experimenting with piano at the age of 5 and kept her thirst to learn more all throughout her schooling.  Open to all experiences that the world has to offer her, Fiona has turned her interesting lifestyle into a musical style that is nice to listen to but difficult to describe.

WIth the release of her latest album Keep Me Wild Fiona hopes to share her sound with the world.  The 10 track album shows how folk can be turned into something much more than a guitar around a campfire.  The opener “Desert Rose” offers an array of noise to combine into a sweet song that is warm and welcoming.  On “Black Dog” a darker feeling is introduced but something draws the listener in close unexpecting where the music will go next.  There is interesting electronic tinkering on tracks like “Could I?” and “Ambulance For Hearts” that bring even more intrigue to the record.  The album closes with the beautiful “Galilee” sung with heartfelt emotion that makes this listener want to offer a soft embrace.  Keep on the lookout for Fiona Hare at: and check out the album at:


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