Sometimes musical talent shows its head in a person at a young age.  When the parents of a child see this potential and support it, great artists can be molded into true professionals.  These kids seem to be born with it.  One young woman with talent that we found recently is Kylie Marcus.

Kylie Marcus

At only 21 years of age the American Pop/R&B singer has a skill much beyond her years.  Growing up in Boca Raton, Florida, Kylie realized her love for songwriting at the age of 9 when she shared a collection of songs she wrote with her school’s voice teacher.  He was stunned and began setting up collaborations and training to push her talents further.  She claims a real influence by a young Michael Jackson and his work with The Jackson 5.  Kylie Marcus’ voice developed to become  force that is truly unique.

With the recent release of the No Disguise EP her career is on its way.  The lead single “Yellow Shirt” has already hit #4 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart.  It is a funky pop song with a catchy beat reminiscent of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”.  Some soulful singing as well as impressive rapping shows its head on “The Real Me”.  Kylie has some diverse skills to show off.  The beats comes from all over the world on “Something Wrong” as the vocals seem heartfelt and passionate.  There is a lot to discover with this artist.  Go enjoy it for yourself at:


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