The release of their debut album Is This The End of The World sees a new chapter for Skyfever. This collection of songs shows how much this rock band have grown since their debut single “The Returning” in 2017. It has seen them change band members as well as their sound evolve so much in a short amount of time. A shift in their momentum came when they wrote “Keep Pounding” in 2018, taken from the Carolina Panthers motto. It soon became a big hit with the Carolinas.

Skyfever chose to open the album with its title track “Is This The End Of The World”. With it, they showcase to the world their big stadium sound with anthemic choruses. It shows that Luke Lang (vocals), Tyson Harding (rhythm guitar), Matt Hanaphy (lead guitar), Dan Monaghan (bass/synths) and Karl Hand (drums) mean business. Its deceptive intro has a gentle build-up which leads up to its opening words “You believe in everything I’ve done / You believe in everything I’ve won”. Its tempo builds momentum before it bursts into life with its chorus “Is this the end of the world? / Is this the end of the world?”. The song features an impressive vocal that gives power and extra meaning to their story. 

To hear how much their sound has evolved then look no further than “Kings”. A song released in 2019, this explosive rock track featured a funky undertone but still included their infectious hooks. With this new album, they have decided to give it a redesign. It now offers a more refined tone with a synth-driven groove. Somehow they have made this more catchy than the original. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself singing along to “Kings Kings will rule / Kings Tonight they rule”. If not, they will hook you in with the outro lines “Open up the night open up the night night”.

There is no denying the impressive musicianship on offer, as their captivating sound draws in the listener’s attention. However, Skyfever has a lot more to offer, especially when it comes to their songwriting. Throughout the album, they show off different elements that their lyrics can deliver. With “Master and the Slave”, they share a simple tale about wanting to be free. It is reflected in the lines “I want your freedom / I know you are my world and my escape”. “Inside the Fury” offers an empowering tale which highlights their storytelling quality. This trait is clear from the opening lines “I run around, with the devil /I hear the sound, on his level / The wind shakes, haunting me / From the land the murmur of the sea”.

To add more emotion or a punch to these songs, they have the impressive Luke Lang on the mic. Throughout the album, he showcases the different sides to his vocal talents. Ranging from power punching lines such as “That’s where I get back you want to say / get back you want to play, get back you want to say” from “Burning Hands” to soft emotional tones with “My Way”. But, “Where I walk” is when you will hear him at his best with its stripped-back sound. 

Is This The End of The World delivers nothing but quality songs, each offering something different. Many will contest to be the number one choice from this release, but it is “The Wait” which continues to stand out. From its opening bars, its captivating intro sets the tone then Lang joins in with the lines “I walk in silent slumber and choose to talk / every day’s a number / I fly away, crash with the waves”. Here is an anthem with a simple message about “survival and struggle in overwhelming situations”.

Lyrically, it may not be as deep as others from the album, but it is the emotional delivery which will strike a chord with many. Especially with the lines “I’m only trying to survive / I wanna feel alive /  I’m pushing through the storm / I can’t wait anymore”. As much as the vocals and lyrics impress, this is an outstanding performance from the guys as a whole. Their infectious atmospheric sound adds so much to their story. 

Skyfever new album ‘Is This The End of The World’ shows that this rock band mean business!

Skyfever has ended a new chapter with Is This The End of The World. It not only highlights how far they have come in a few years, but it also shows that they have now found their right sound. As impressive this release maybe, this feels like this is just the beginning for them. Their learning curve shows they are willing to grow and push themselves. Here is a band with an exciting future ahead of them.

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