SLAVES Take an Unexpected Mellow Path with ‘Body On Fire’



The Sacramento, California post-punk band, SLAVES, debuted “Body On Fire.” This is a single off of their upcoming acoustic EP, Revision, due in January 2019 through SBG Records. They take a step into a slower-paced sound while keeping a touch of their punk edge.


SLAVES was formed in 2014 and consists of Jonny Craig (vocals), Colin Vieira (bass), Weston Richmond (guitar), Felipe Sanchez (guitar) and Zack Baker (drums).


SLAVES Show Off Their Mellow Side with Acoustic Single, “Body On Fire”



The single starts off with the acoustic guitar and the sweet, low vocals from Craig. Craig has added a bit more variety and a unique characteristic to the song by singing in a lower register than usual.


Craig’s modulated vocals compliment the soft strums of the acoustic guitar. His sweet and low voice is mellifluous just like the overall mood of the song.


Compared to most of the band’s music, this is definitely a unique song. There is much more of a mellow feel and a great platform to show off Craig’s incredible vocals. His past music consisted of higher-pitched vocals unlike this time.


The vocals are really what makes this piece stand out and have a bigger personality than just an acoustic guitar driven song. They’re smooth, yet strong and emotionally soaked. However, you can hear a honeyed bass incorporated, adding to the lower overall sound.


A little bit of some distant drums are sprinkled in, giving off an inspiration and emotional sound.


“Body On Fire” is a really nice change of pace from the band and a great introduction to their new acoustic EP. It’s extremely different from the higher energy post-punk sound that they are so comfortable with.


The song is a great way to show off Craig’s vocals and incorporate the classic, sweet sound of acoustic guitar.


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