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Song Of Love

We know music can be used for all sorts of things. Our latest find Song Of Love is a heavy metal band that believes great sexual energy needs to be released for more happiness for the world. Thier prophetic and sexy heavy metal hopes to be the savior of the disappearing ‘real’ music industry.

We caught up with the band to get behind their interesting minds. Enjoy the interview :


So how did the band name Song Of Love come to be?

The name comes from that what matters in life is love this world is lacking love. We believe that this world needs to spread love and sexual energy instead of hate which does not accomplish anything. We believe metal is one of the only music genres which is not corrupted. Song of love also believes that prophetic spiritual side is very helpful to know why we are here on earth.


What style of music would you say you create?

Song of love plays true music not influenced by the media or the fake record companies. Not all record companies are corrupt but today’s music is very bland and uninspired. We believe our music helps to get real sounds in the spirit and gives positive energy



What do you hope people will get from your music?

Song of love has lots of lyrics which teach people about today”s world and how we can face what is going on We talk a lot about sexual experiences which helps people be happier Listening to Song of Love metalheads can find the truth and be happy in its freedom


How does a song come together for Song of Love? What is the songwriting process?

We only write guitar first right now I know lots of musicians have a melody first then they put guitar to it, but I feel guitar or bass based music is more real then the other instruments come along One day maybe we will start writing from bass like Iron Maiden.


What are your thoughts on the modern mainstream music scene?

Very bad in fact in some interviews I have heard famous musicians say that the record companies tell them to play pop music in a metal way which is totally corrupting the music undustry. If musicians have a script they follow then this world is totally deceived into listening to fake music. Song of love wants to give real music to the fans not directed by people to make money.


What advice would you give to other bands trying to do something different?

Not to do too many covers not to listen to any rap or top 5à garbage music. Song of love is influenced by real music like medieval or classical music


What is on the horizon for Song Of Love?

We just recorded real excellent sounding song Stagger the Devil. Song of Love is trying to come out with one song a month and tour the world about the end of the year. 


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