Space Above Creates An Experience With Upcoming Album

Space Above

New Zealand-based electro trio Space Above is in a league of their own. The side project/brainchild of musicians Aaron Short, Sam McCarthy, and Maddie North, Space Above is a force to be reckoned with. With their cinematic beats combined with solid vocal talents, Space Above catapults themselves into a genre of their own. Their upcoming debut album Still showcases this band’s incredible talent and amazing creativity in the best way.

The most amazing part of Still is Space Above’s effortless transitions. They can go from a ballad-like sound to a dancey vibe effortlessly. While Still’s officially labeled as an electronic album it’s also got some other spectacular moving parts to it. Space Above easily uses things like production and vocal tones to create an album that’s genuine and a little genre-bending. It’s a unique combination that makes Still that much more fun to listen to.

Space Above Plays With Their Sound

It all really adds up to give Space Above their own unique sound. Still’s got this fabulous duo of almost-indie sounding singers paired with a variety of beats that all work so great together. Then at the same time Space Above plays with these thoughtful lyrics and small bursts of piano that only further separates them from their predecessors in the most positive sense.

On top of that Space Above just really does something incredible with their music. Their songs just have this indescribable quality that can’t be replicated. From start to end they create this atmosphere. It’s almost cinematic, for lack of a better term. You can’t help but feel every move the music makes, whether it’s a beat swelling or a singer crooning. Space Above easily creates electro you can feel,

Bottom line is this album is an interesting listen. There’s never a part where it lags. It’s like their single “Fall Through” where you spend the whole time with goosebumps because of Space Above’s remarkable falsetto/melody combo.

In all, Space Above has really made something that makes them a cut above the rest. With their amazing production and overall creativity they easily create an album you can’t forget. It’s just so refreshing and unbelievably unique. They play with the electronic genre and mix it in their own style in this very interesting way that makes us that much more excited for Still’s official release.

Their album Still comes out February 17th. You can check out more of their music here.

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