Technology has changed the world of music drastically over the years.  It has even sped up more recently.  A single artist is now able to do everything himself in a bedroom studio with the right equipment and some imagination.  When talent is involved too big things can happen.  This seems to be the story of our recent find Space Dragon.

Space Dragon

The hip hop artist also known as Richard Modad hails from Metro Detroit, Michigan although it often seems he is from far out of this world.  Space Dragon takes on all the duties of his music. He produces his own beats, writes, records, raps, edits, and mixes each track.  It doesn’t end there as he also performs all the work of directing, shooting, and animating his own music videos.  His imagination is quite expansive as well as he has come up with a full alter ego as the magnum opus of creation.

Recently Space Dragon released his debut full length album The Nebulous Expression.  It is 18 tracks full of energetic expression that jump out at the listener.  On “Human” he explains his lifestyle over a dark beat that wraps around the strong flow.  This is a great jumping point.  “Just A Ride” is a spacey song with sounds seemingly coming from all angles. These are pro beats and mixes.  There is a more pop mainstream rap feel on “Hand Outs”.  The vocal delivery shows that Space Dragon can feed the listener lyrics in bunches with meaning.  The talent continues on the video side with “Planets”.  Enjoy this craziness for yourself and please explain it all to me if you can:

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