Spend a “Weekend Night In America” with Josh Christina

There are very few artists that have successfully bridged the gap between genre and generations. Josh Christina definitely fits that bill with his newest single “Weekend Night In America.

As a singer-songwriter, piano enthusiast, and rock n roll revivalist (the most fitting of titles), Baltimore, Maryland native Josh Christina is a man of many talents.

Christina’s love for rock n roll began at the young age of 7 when he grew a love for the king of rock n roll Elvis Presley, whose inspiration can be heard throughout Christina’s music. 

By the time Christina hit his teenage years, he had formed a Junior Blues Brothers Act in Baltimore at age 10, and began playing piano at age 15 after seeing Million Dollar Quartet on Broadway. This grew his love for Jerry Lee Lewis, another of Christina’s biggest inspirations. 

His musical journey didn’t stop there. Since then Christina has released his debut album Man From Another Time, 2 albums, an EP, and even starred on Ireland’s Late Late Show in September of 2016, where he performed his single “Rockabilly Saturday Night.”

One of his most noteworthy achievements was in 2015, when he gained the attention of Grammy nominated producer Kent Wells, who has worked with country music legends such as Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Allison Krause, Keith Urban and George Jones. 

Working with Kent Wells on his sophomore album Good Old Love, Josh Christina had made his debut into the Nashville music scene.

Christina has been changing the game by bringing classic rock n roll roots back into country music, which can be heard in his newest single “Weekend Night In America.”

Listen to “Weekend Night In America” Here:

Upon first listening to “Weekend Night In America” I was instantly blown away. The blending of “country drawl” vocals with classic rock n roll instrumentation was executed perfectly. You can hear every one of his inspirations in his sound which I think is amazing.

With the lyrics “Don’t worry about your situation. Your walk of life. It’s the land of the free. Weekend night”, “Weekend Night In America” is all about forgetting your troubles and living it up!

As someone who is both a big country music fan and appreciates some good old-fashioned rock n roll, I will be playing Christina’s music on repeat. 

One way I would describe Josh Christina and his music is if Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elton John had a baby. When I watched the video for Christina’s song “Old Piano”, I was instantly reminded of the entertainment and piano mannerisms of the great Elton John. 

If you’re a fan of rock n roll and country music or are looking for a genre-bridging, inspirational musician to listen to, I’d highly recommend checking out Josh Christina! 

“In the 20th century 1955, it took several young men to create and define Rock ‘n’ Roll. 65 years later and it only takes one young man who embodies all the pioneers to introduce it to the 21st century. That man is Josh Christina.”

– Daryl Davis (Pianist/Band Leader for Chuck Berry)

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