Spiritual Records Returns with Another Round of Sublime Live Music

Spiritual Records

Since 2015, Spiritual Records has prided itself on highlighting outstanding musical talents, either by supporting musicians that have performed at its own venue called Spiritual Bar or on their YouTube channel Spiritual Sessions. With this genuine passion, the only independent record label in Camden, London, UK has been able to grow an impressive roster of talent that includes Robert J Hunter and J.B Paterson.

2017 saw the label release the label’s first compilation album Spiritual Records Live No 1. They have taken what they have learned from Spiritual Sessions and decided to record each song in a live environment. It is a great collection of music which includes outstanding contributions from Tim De Graaw and BURNZ.

This new year sees the release of Spiritual Records Live No 2 and, like its predecessor, offers another live collection of songs. It has a respectful and attentive audience who only respond when a performance has finished. This gives the listener the opportunity to focus on the music.

From the moment you press play, this collection of songs flows naturally. It seems that only guitars have been used to deliver a varied soundtrack which includes folk, soul, Americana, and blues. They are minimally used but there are times when you get to hear some stunning skills on the six-string. A major highlight of the album is by Nick Edward Harris called “Smoke” which includes these talents. But that’s not all you get, as the storytelling quality he brings is flawless.

Spiritual Records Showcases Music Live, the Way it Should be Listened To

Lyrically, you are spoilt for choice with the songwriting calibre that Spiritual Records Live No 2 has to offer. Everyone brings something different but all offer a charm with their storytelling. Some of which have a personal story which “Lizzie” from Josh Heppinstall shares. Another highlight from the album (which includes this gift with words) is “Weight in Gold” from William Poyer. There is something special about his guitar style and vocals that make you stop and listen to his tale.

Even with the best words in the world, you need the right voice to share them, and again you are spoiled by this album. Each artist has their own sound which helps to give this album variety. The passion and conviction used in their tones are authentic which adds so much to their songs. If you want to hear some stunning vocals at work, then listen to the sublime “Weather” from BURNZ. The emotional delivery is beautiful, especially how his delicate tone has powerful moments.

There is so much talent on offer that this feature would be much longer to include what Tommy Hare, Amy & The Calamities, Ferris & Sylvester, Sam Ryder, Simeon, and Danny Toeman have to offer. Listen to them all by heading over to Spotify to listen to Spiritual Records Live No 2 in full.

To find out more about Spiritual Records, head to their website at SpiritualRecords.co.uk. From here you can find out more about their roster of artists, upcoming shows, Spiritual Sessions and social media links. If you are in the London area and want to pop into the bar then information can be found on their Facebook page.

Spiritual Records are passionate about supporting independent music and it shows.

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