Sometimes a good description of a band will make me listen to them just to figure out what it really means.  When the band Step Daddy was introduced to me as “a high energy, four piece, progressive, Post-Alternative, Apocalyptic Funk-Metal band” I was immediately intrigued to hear what the hell that meant.  They released the album Love on August 1st and it deserves a listen.

Step Daddy will not exactly be a mainstream ‘People Pleaser’ as their song title goes, but for those that are ready to not take anything too serious and just have a good time, Step Daddy is here for you. This is one of those bands that can be compared to Faith No More in their dynamic style, but just like them, this band has more than one hit that should be heard by the masses.

Their blend of different genres comes through in a frank, “we play what we feel” way. Their sound takes time to listen to due to the different elements of genres that are brewing on one track to the other.  On their track: Scurvy’ the bass starts off with a catchy hook and then next thing you know you’re rocking your head as the guitar adds to the vibe. The progressions are there and you must be ready for the ride they put you through.

When I first heard them I found it surprising. I have not heard music like this since…well… a long time. It took a few listens but once I got used to their sound, I really appreciated what they are about.  After all, they are one of the few brave bands in today’s music industry that I can truly say play whatever they want.

To get sucked into the Step Daddy’s world go to:

-Review by Ana Cordova of Indie Band Guru

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