Steve Kilbey Takes Us On A Journey With Latest Album

Music is a business that not everyone is cut out for. It’s not too uncommon to be a ‘one hit wonder’ or never even truly have a hit at all. So there’s something to be said about someone who can traverse the changes throughout time and still manage to create thought provoking music. Steve Kilbey is one of the special ones who has managed to make music since the 80’s and continue to grow with the times.

Steve Kilbey has a rich history in music which has lead to the vast knowledge and experience that makes him the musician he is today. In 1980 Steve formed the Australian alt-rock band The Church which gained great popularity both in Austalia and internationally. Their 1988 album Starfish sold over one million copies in the US alone, proving just how much they truly rocked.

Fast forward to 2020 and Steve Kilbey is blossoming as a solo artist. Harnessing in on his years of experience to continue to bring fans an escape. Eleven Women is the first release for Kilbey in 2020. An inspiring and effervescent album that takes you on a journey through different encounters Steve has faced.

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Each track is unique, showcasing a different story and highlighting different musical elements from around the world. “Josephine” charms us with it’s Celtic whimsicality. Beaming with emotion, there’s a sense of longing throughout this track that makes it relatable. A few tracks later “Birdeen” comes in and flips the switch completely. There’s a strength and fervency behind each strum of the guitar that sets the tone for this rock number.

As you continue to listen through Eleven Women you soon notice that no two songs are the same. This album presents such a wide range of diversity, talent, and knowledge. Even if you didn’t know anything about Steve Kilbey’s backstory you could listen to Eleven Women and know that this man is a musical veteran with a story to tell. And despite the range presented, Eleven Women still feels whole and cohesive.

Eleven Women closes out with a heartwarming track titled “Think Of You.” This number seals out the album perfectly, highlighting the pure and timeless nature that Steve Kilbey maintains. It’s clear that as long as time goes on Steve will have a story that he can share with everyone. Don’t miss out on his next chapter.

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