Steve Major Releases “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI”

Steve Major releases a powerful track in two versions that resonate across the world. With one version recorded in English and the other mixed with Ukrainian lyrics, these songs directly reach out to those impacted by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Powerful both in the message and in sound, Steve Major’s “TORN” and “РОЗДIЛЕНI” are uplifting and impactful songs with captivating vocal performances and invigorating instrumentals.

Steve Major vents all his frustration and anger with the conflict and strife in the world. The energy from the performance drives the track to heights, and though the song is a grand spectacle, it holds firm as a call to action about a serious matter. It is refreshing to hear music about a serious issue that isn’t sad or solemn but embodies a tenacious fighting spirit.

The sound breaks genre boundaries, incorporating many elements. A cathartic guitar, pounding drum beat, and sleek modern production add plenty, but undoubtedly the vocal is the song’s centerpiece. Steve Major’s singing soars over the track, and the layered vocal lines combine to express his emotion on the ongoing conflict emphatically.

“TORN” and “РОЗДIЛЕНI” are deeply personal to Steve Major, having family connections to Ukraine. This release is a decisive moment in the acclaimed artist’s career. If you enjoyed “TORN” / “РОЗДIЛЕНI” check out some of his other work and keep up with him to see what he has in store for the future.

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