Steve Nick Brings You Music with Heart

Steve Nick

One thing that is extremely important in this world (at least in my opinion) is the ability to show compassion for others. It’s very easy to get so wrapped up in your own life that you forget to take the time to do good for others.

When I visited Steve Nick’s web page, what stuck out to me first was the “Charity” link at the top. It was something I’d never seen before on an artist’s website. When you click on that link, it states that all proceeds from his album “unplugged” will be donated to prevent malnutrition and fight hunger that children in Africa are facing. It was truly touching to see that someone who takes time to put copious amounts of effort into their music still has the time to donate to an important cause.

Steve Nick, as described in his artist bio, is an “emotionally charged Rock/Pop singer, songwriter, and philanthropist.” Tackling covers of famous songs, Nick released his first solo album in late 2015. His latest album, the EP Steve and Friends, was just dropped on April 8 and features five new tracks.

Steve Nick — Life, and Music, with Heart

The first track from the album, beautifully titled “Angels,” starts off with that acoustic guitar that I can’t get enough of. Whenever I hear acoustic guitar starting out a track, I immediately feel giddy. There’s a raspiness to his voice that blends perfectly with the tempo of the song and the vibrations you can feel from just listening to the strumming of the guitar strings. You can feel the intense emotion that is being portrayed here.

I’m going to have to say, it took me a while to realize that this was a cover, because Nick really just made it his own. While I love the original track, it seems like there’s a harsher tone to his, which gives a very unique and intriguing twist to the song overall. Tambourines kick in by the second verse, and play very well with the rest of the aspects of the song. A harmonica comes into play toward the end , something that I wasn’t quite expecting. It’s a very nice touch, and is an instrument that I don’t hear very often anymore.

Steven Nick showcases his ability to hit those high notes throughout the track, and manages to keep that raspiness to his voice as he does so. The rest of his 5 track album follows suit, and you can definitely tell that Steve has true talent here. With the rest of the tracks, he covers “Zombie” by The Cranberries, brings a gravelly sound to “Heaven” originally by Heart, performs his rendition of “The Second You Sleep” originally by Saybia, and puts a spin on “Imagine” by John Lennon. I was quite impressed by this one, as I am a very big fan of Lennon and the Beatles, and it is somewhat hard to tackle a track by such a world renowned artist.

Again, I have to stress the importance of the work that Steve Nick does. Not only is he a very talented musician, he is quite the humanitarian. Equally, if not more important, than the amazing music he performs is his dedication to causes like Save the Children.

Listen to Steve Nick’s newest album on Spotify.