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In our constant search for new and innovative music here at Indie Band Guru we must often venture way outside our locale and sometimes even our language.  Music is a worldwide language.  Even if the lyrics can’t be understood, the emotion and energy of the music can be felt.  The feeling is real with our recent find Pastobal.

The musical project started in 2012 as a duo but has been growing ever since adding new members to complete the sound.  The musical style of Pastobal is a blend of progressive indie folk rock that is truly original.  The group has been trying to reach a wider audience and has added some English and Spanish vocals to gain their understanding.  The group works with different types of artists as well branching out into visual and illustrative arenas too.

Pastobal Has Become A Full Audio Visual Experience

The most recent release by Pastobal is simply titled EP # 2.  The record consists of 2 original tracks and 2 EDM remixes.  The first song “Les Emmerdeurs” is a mellow indie folk track with French vocals.  The feeling of the music pushes through with the lyrical delivery and a strumming guitar that rises and falls to draw the attention of the listener.  Get a listen here:


The next track “I Met A Man” has a classic rock vibe with English lyrics.  The raw peppiness will put a smile on your face and he chorus and it’s “la la las” will have anyone singing along before the end.  The remixes add some speed and a big beat that gets heads bopping and feet moving.  These are ready for international dance floors.  

Keep up with Pastobal at:

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