“Following the Sun” With Super-Hi and Neeka

Melodies don’t have to be at the center of a pop single, but when they are, it helps to have the buoyancy that can be found in the new track “Following the Sun” from collaborators Super-Hi and Neeka. Although there’s something to be said about minimalism and what its place is right now, contemporary surreal pop elements considered, but when it comes to giving the audience something with color and class, this is the right band to check with if you’re unsure of how either one is obtained in conditions like these.

There’s no getting around the expressiveness of the rhythm in this single, and one could even say that the beat is responsible for more of the emotional context here than the lyrics are. We’re able to learn a lot about the statements made in the verses from the pacing of the music, specifically as it relates to the urgency of the climax, and it’s through this communication that Super-Hi and Neeka are able to avoid as much of the stock content predictability that has become all too common among their peers on either side of the dial in the past few years.

You can’t get away from the swing in this groove, and who would want to? There’s a lot to love about the way this track grabs us with its rhythmic center, and in a live setting I think this would be even harder to deny; when the beat is hitting as hard as it does in “Following the Sun,” all we can do is ride along with it. Some critics might say that the arrangement here is a bit too black and white for what a lot of mainstream audiences are looking for in 2022, but to me, that’s just another area where this track sets itself apart.

Summer vibes are here to stay in the aptly-titled “Following the Sun,” and if you haven’t got into its epic sway just yet, now is the right time to give it a listen. Super-Hi and Neeka put their best attributes to work for them in this performance, and I think that if they’re able to collaborate like this again in the future, it would be criminal to deny listeners another shot at hearing what they can do together. This work speaks for itself, but I also would like to hear what else this pair can deliver when the circumstances are ideal.

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