Sometimes I take for granted the fact that I was born and raised in the magical city that is NYC.  There is a never ending supply of entertainment here and the multiple music scenes leave an opening for every mood.  To honor NYC I went looking for some interesting local music and came across something quite original in Sylvana Joyce And The Moment.

The New York City native was raised by her immigrant single mother who instilled in her the joy of experiencing new things as well as pushing her to pursue music as her grandfather was a well known songwriter in Romania.  Sylvana and her band The Moment have built up some great recognition in the indie scene.  Their innovative style has led to them being featured by MTV, CMJ, SonicBids, and OurStage. Sylvana Joyce And The Moment combine elements of indie rock, gypsy music, and both new and old school sounds.  Get a look and listen for yourself below:


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